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It turns out that physical and sports activities for the improvement of health are essential. The regular practice of these activities brings many benefits such as the possibility to be in good physical condition which will facilitate your daily life, reduce the risk of diabetes, and improve sleep. It also helps to keep blood pressure stable and protects against the development of cardiovascular disease at any age. It is effective for weight maintenance and reduces the risk of obesity, it slows down the aging process and protects against loss of autonomy. It effectively fights against stress, depression and anxiety. It also protects against breast cancer in women, prostate cancer in men and colon cancer in both sexes. Moreover, only the elderly who have problems breaking the line between sedentary life and worsening disability can overcome these problems by taking advantage of physical rehabilitation programs. Regular physical activity brings a lot of pleasure and generates greater serenity. It provokes a greater feeling of freedom and a better listening to the alarm signals emitted by our body and mind. Sport and health can help combat isolation and loneliness.