What is a body treatment?

When it comes to body care for the face or hair: organic make-up is increasingly recognized by consumers. The supply of organic raw materials and ecological thinking play an important role for producers, but also raise consumer awareness. More informations : https://www.exsymol.com/ . Although the term “natural cosmetic products” still does not have a valid definition, products nevertheless meet certain specific requirements. First of all, they are not tested on animals, their ingredients are derived from fair and sustainable trade in raw materials and are of organic origin. Secondly, natural cosmetics do not contain additives such as petroleum derivatives, paraffin oils, mineral oils and their compounds. Finally, whether or not it is a herbal product, this is the case.

Learn more about cosmetic active ingredients

The active ingredient is an ingredient with a specific activity in the origin of the efficacy of their product. It is the ideal ally to treat certain skin problems. Discover products : https://www.exsymol.com/eng/products. There is a mixture of active ingredients mixed with other ingredients such as preservatives, water, emulsifiers, perfumes or oils. Every day, between the skin and five drops of a certain number of active ingredients are used, depending on the area to be treated. If you need more than one ingredient, use them one after the other. Their touch is light and penetrates quickly so you can then use a night lotion or your daily lotion!

Choose your beauty products

The choice of a beauty product is based on many criteria, the most important of which is undoubtedly the nature of the skin. To avoid allergies or skin problems, choose only the products and makeup that are right for your skin type. In addition, the make-up option should not be ruled out. The colours of eye shadows, blushes, lipstick, foundation and powder, to enhance your attractiveness, must be adapted to your natural complexion… Many girls are used to testing some cosmetic products recently found on the market to see their effectiveness. Such a practice is not recommended in any respect.

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